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The Truth

The Truth

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The Truth is a novel that presents an innovative, hybrid genre between fiction and reality, between interviews and travel narrative, in an interweaving as deep as life presents itself to us.

In a search for the truth of her own existence, the protagonist, Helena, takes us on her travels to Italy, Corsica, Mexico, Egypt and France, and we share in the wisdom she draws from 12 interviews conducted in the course of her own journey.

12 interviewees whose work is (re)recognized internationally.

FREDDY SILVA (Author, Documentary Filmmaker, Researcher of Ancient Civilizations),
JUDE CURRIVAN (Master in Physics, Cosmologist, PhD in Anthropological Archaeology),
PAM GREGORY (Astrologer),
PETER ENGBERG (Award-winning filmmaker),
MARIN BACH-ANTONSON (Founder of Priestess Rising Mystery School)
MARTIN GRAY (Anthropologist, National Geographic Photographer)
ADAM APOLLO (Physicist, Systems Architect, Designer)
ARIEL SPILSBURY (Author of "Mayan Oracle", Founder of 13 Moon Mystery School and Sanctuary of the Open Heart)
SANDRA CISNEROS (Award winning writer)
SARITA CAMERON (Founder of SolHenge Retreat centre)
JUDITH KUSEL (Author and Soul Coach)
JIM GARRISON (President of Ubiquity University)

From great love to pain, from lies to truth, from the dark night of the soul to another state of consciousness, The Truth is like a map, and a map always depends on the person looking at it. As such, the profound journey enshrined in this story - and what you take away from it - will depend solely on you. This is a book totally permeable to the consciousness of each reader.


The Truth
By Ana Teresa Silva

Publisher: Talent Hunter Editions
Publication date: October 20, 2023
Language: English
Dimension: 152 x 235 x 21 mm
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 338
Type of product: Printed Book
Thematic classification: Literature > Novel


Ana Teresa Silva combines 30 years of journalism & writing with her work as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, PSYCH-K®, Meditation and Biodanza facilitator. She is also a certified Trainer in Creative Writing and in the field of Personal Development.

As an independent journalist, she worked on radio, television, magazines, documentaries and the web. In 2008, she founded a pioneer international digital magazine covering "the best in the world for a better world" that inspired readers from 145 countries.

For 10 years, she interviewed, all over the world, extraordinary people who are changing the world in different areas, visionaries and social entrepreneurs, men of science and the arts, activists, pioneers and international authors in the field of personal transformation.

As an award-winning writer, she navigates between novels, poetry and children's literature. She has 8 published books and, in her writing, reflects the alchemy collected throughout the convergence of her multiple paths.
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