"Amanhã é outro dia" é o último romance de Ana Teresa Silva editado por Talent Hunter Editions


Roberta Stone is one of the most influential women in the world. The creator of Future Psychology, she is a therapist and advisor to the “greats”, the most important minds and the most powerful decision makers on the planet.

In her late sixties, she reads her parents’ diaries for the first time and they unexpectedly open the doors to a new reality, quite different from what she had imagined until then. She begins to question her life, the decisions she made, the path she chose, everything she gave up.

Caught up in an inner existential vortex, she begins a deep journey to win back true love, a journey in which she pieces together the past, revealing a series of secrets she had kept her entire life.

“Tomorrow is Another Day” embodies the magical capacity of humans to break free from a cocoon and accept the wings of a butterfly, to cast aside their armour and dive into the essence of their being, to let go of the past and accept what life has to offer so as to be happy, no matter how old you are.

Excerpts from the book launch “Amanhã é Outro dia”