After 20 years as a freelance journalist, working on TV documentaries and for several newspapers and magazines, she founded I’M Magazine, an international digital magazine that covers projects and extraordinary people that are changing the world (and has already inspired readers in more than 145 countries).

Since 2008 she has been interviewing social entrepreneurs and innovators, futurists and change-makers, thinkers and facilitators from all over the world and sharing compelling life stories, ®evolutionary roads, projects for a sustainable future and ideas in motion…

In depth, Ana Teresa Silva’s major quest is to bring to the light these people that change minds, lives, hearts, the world. Here’s a video message that reveals the essence of this work:



And her interviews are more like a full immersion into our “common humanity”, meaningful conversations that disclose personal journeys, stories of courage, authenticity, resilience, hope, love, compassion, mission, life purpose… unforgettable stories that inspire others to be.

During several years, Ana Teresa Silva was also regularly discussing social entrepreneurship, Innovation, Human Progress, Education and Sustainability on portuguese TV.

Ana Teresa was also the Managing Director of a portuguese digital magazine on health and well-being from beginning 2012 until October 2015.