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Ana Teresa Silva, as editorial director of Inspire Saúde, had the idea of ​​organizing a major Health and Wellness event that would bring in the same space more than 100 well-known professionals in the health and wellness areas to stimulate debates, lectures, Workshops, seminars, individual consultations, massages, classes or fitness programs. The goal was for people to experience or learn more about what can bring them more health, harmony and happiness.

At a time when prevention and health promotion are priority issues in today’s society, people have become more demanding and actively seeking their happiness, as well as physical, psychological, ethical and social well-being. This event has emerged as a broad response to this current trend, promoting health, contributing to the expansion of human potential, adopting healthy habits, strengthening the healthy characteristics of individuals and increasing the quality of life of the population.

Among many others, subjects such as Mindfulness, Positive Emotions, The Art of Being Happy, Enneagram, Nonverbal Language, NLP, Meditation for Busy People, Organizational Constellations, Geriatric Nutrition, Pediatric Obesity, Juvenile Detox, Practical classes , Learning to read labels and food labels, Yoga parents and children, Vegetarian cooking, Pregnancy gym, Sexuality and intimacy, Say no to Burnout, Palette of emotions: Emotional intelligence in adolescents, Family stressful, Pleasure VS Happiness.

The event was held on 9 and 10 May 2015 at the CCB.