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In the beginning was “Dizer-te”, a poetry book published in 1999 by Collection 100 Palavras.
Then, with her first novel “Jogos de Palavras”, won a 1st fiction prize and was published by Oficina do Livro in 2004.
During the following years, writing for children gained preponderance. Ana Teresa Silva created a daily television series The Family Galaró present in national television RTP in 2005; wrote two theatre plays and published 3 children’s books: “A árvore que queria conhecer o mundo” , “O homem que não queria ouvir sons maus” and “O Descobridor de histórias” published in 2006 by Editora Palavra.
The following years were dedicated to journalism and the dream of creating an international online magazine that covered projects and extraordinary people that are changing the world. IM Magazine, was born in 2008. Many years passed interviewing change-makers all over the world and inspiring people with their extraordinary life stories.
It could be said that were the deep paths of human existence that called the writer again and in 2014 was published her second novel “Amanhã é Outro Dia” by Talent Hunter Editions.
Ana Teresa Silva finished her last novel “The man who never shed a tear” that it will be released in June 2019. If you want to present on the book launch event, please write to:

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