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Open classes of Transformational Writing

Open Classes of Transformational Writing in December 2018 in Lisbon, Fábrica de Braço de Prata, by Ana Teresa Silva

Practical exercises that helped participants write in their daily lives, find their own voice, potentialize their creativity, explore emotions, memories and experiences, gain insights to overcome challenges and clear their vision for the future.

Neurologist Judy Willis explains that the practice of writing improves:
• the way the brain receives, processes, retains, and seeks information,
• promotes focus and attention,
• enhances long-term memory,
• Clarifies standards,
Gives the brain time to think
• and, when well guided, is a source of conceptual development and stimulation of the highest cerebral cognition.

It is no coincidence that Benjamin Franklin kept a diary. That Leonardo Da Vinci filled notebooks and more notebooks with thoughts and drawings. That Bruce Lee walked with a notepad in his pocket where he wrote meditations and reflections. That Josh Waitzkin, prodigy of chess, meditates and then writes (in freewriting). And that Barack Obama described the power of writing in this way: “In my life, writing has been an important exercise in clarifying what I believe, what I see, what matters to me, what are my deepest values. converting a pile of thoughts into coherent sentences makes me ask more difficult questions. “

Some testimonials:

“I participated in the open classes of transformational writing in the Fábrica de Braço de Prata and it was a very rich and very interesting experience in the practical part, the method applied to make us drop our ideas, making us order and create new contents by transposing them to paper I have continued to apply much of what I learned in my writing, I dedicate myself more to poetry, but I notice a significant growth in the creation.
Ana Albuquerque

“The participation in the Workshops of Transformational Writing with Ana Teresa Silva was quite unblocking, I lost the fear of the blank paper because I learned several techniques that help me to start, and to let the thinking flow and writing flow. It was also useful at the level of self-knowledge and definition of purpose at every moment and in every single thing I do.
Catarina Soares

“Thank you for the oasis out of the routine” 9 to 5. “Writing is to rescue memories, from concrete episodes or visions given by life.I learned to organize raw materials for writing, with people who like to do the same.”
Luís Barroso