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Ana Teresa Silva alia o Life Coaching à PNL e ao PSYCH-K®

Life Coaching is a dynamic framework that can easily be applied to help you develop and grow in any area of ​your life: career direction and development, personal fulfilment,​ relationships with family and partners​, self-esteem, confident communication, positive self-image, finding a romantic partner, work/life balance, lifestyle changes​, purpose and meaning in life, etc.

PSYCH-K® is an innovative approach created by Robert Williams to facilitate change at the subconscious level, where at least 95% of our consciousness operates. It allows you to identify and change subconscious beliefs that may be limiting you in some aspects of your life including; relationships, self-esteem, financial prosperity, career choices, health and fitness. PSYCH-K® has the ability to help you clear a safe path through those ‘roadblocks’ to a new place of expanded potential in every area of your life. (see video above – Bruce Lipton talks about Energy Psychology, mostly about PSYCH-K®)

To schedule a trial session phone to + 351 93 960 2981 or write to:

Some testimonials:

“With Ana Teresa and 2 months of PSYCH-K® I met, discovered, learned and adjusted more in myself than in a year of intense searches, reading, advices, thoughts, and sessions in everything I thought it could ‘center’ and fortify my Self, and the best of me.
Somehow, this whole quest was helping me and inspiring my day-to-day life, but too slowly for the ‘urgency’ I had and the need to re-ignite what was ‘off’ Or ‘de-tuned’ inside of me and it was with Ana Teresa and the discovery of PSYCH-K® that I effectively consolidated, re-discovered, re-adjusted and re-learned the best of myself!
A clear and consolidated evolution in only 2 months of weekly sessions!
From now on, this is my new place and my new being that I want to stay forever! As Ana Teresa says we have all the information we need inside of us, and the answer to all the questions, a sea of ​​possibilities and a giant potential, however it is fundamental someone who helps us to wake up and connect or re-connect all ‘Buttons’ to re-discover what we really are and what we really are capable of!
Thank you PSYCH-K®! Forever grateful, Ana Teresa, thank you!”
Ana Isabel Filipe, Account director

“The alliance between Coaching / PSYCH-K is the right example of what we need at a time when we are challenged to recreate ourselves in our full potential. I dare to generalize because I am convinced that we should choose tools that combine the conscious and the subconscious in order to get the changes we desire. Our conscious plans, combined with subconscious plans, walk hand in hand for self-realization.
And this work of Ana Teresa has an unstoppable, amazing light. “
Libânia Nazareth, teacher

“In six coaching sessions Ana Teresa allowed me to see the next 15 years of my life. It was a huge opening like through a dense forest. I was a bit lost in my life and was starting a new profession after two years of unemployment and with Ana Teresa I could understand what were my priorities and how I was going to make the most of this new opportunity. They were wonderful sessions that made me feel stronger and more confident to face my old fears. So, doing coaching with Ana Teresa opens a lot of doors and even unleash forces we didn’t were aware of. I am very grateful to Ana Teresa for the work that was done and, may I say, there was always something more that came at each session, like taking a rabbit out of the hat as if by magic. Yes there is always something like magic.”
Diogo Vasco Almeida, tourist guide

“The coaching process was essential to overcome personal issues that, for some time, tormented me. I can say that the objective has been achieved.
Driving the process requires a very particular skill and Ana Teresa knows this art very well.
Thank you.”
Nuno Simões, Financial Director

“Moments that have become fundamental alerts for my transformation as a better human being, more aware, focused and happy.
In the sessions of Coaching-Psych-k, Ana Teresa enabled a reorganization work of my system, enabling me to make a series of jailbreaks, dissolve equivocal beliefs and a greater connection with my being and purpose in this life.
It’s all within us, but there are steps that we need a partnership, or a outer look to assist us in our inner revolution, which undoubtedly is a universal revolution. The welfare and happiness of those we love, depends entirely on the OUR well-being and happiness.”
Ana Pracaschandra, journalist